USA – George Floyd Protests: Armed couple McCloskey pardoned

USA – George Floyd Protests: Armed couple McCloskey pardoned

During a march against police violence, Mark and Patricia McCloskey stood armed in front of their house. The Missouri couple became heroes of the Republicans – and now they want to get into politics.

When people against racism took to the streets in the United States last year, the McCloskey couple threatened protesters with firearms in front of their homes. The image of the couple armed with pistols and assault rifles went around the world. The Republicans declared them heroes, Democrats condemned their martial demeanor – and the judiciary was investigating. Ultimately, the lawyers Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty in the fall, had to pay a small fine and surrender their weapons.

Now the Republican governor of Missouri has pardoned the couple, as announced by Michael Parson’s office. This makes her condemnation obsolete. Mark McCloskey now wants to seek political office.

During a protest march against racism and police violence after the killing of the African-American George Floyd in a police operation, protesters in St. Louis also used the private road in front of the McCloskeys’ house in June 2020. The couple stood in front of the house in a provocative gesture – he with an assault rifle, she with a pistol.

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