USA: Handover begins: This is how the Biden team reacts


Still-President Donald Trump now wants to cooperate with his successor Joe Biden. Will there actually be an orderly transfer of power? The new president’s team is relieved. All information in the news blog.

The US presidential election has been decided. Democrat challenger Joe Biden has defeated incumbent Donald Trump. Trump does not want to recognize the election so far – even if he has now at least initiated the handover. Nevertheless, the still-President continues to raise paperless allegations of fraud and continue to announce lawsuits.

Handover begins: This is how the Biden team reacts

The team of the elected US President Joe Biden wants to talk to current government officials about the corona crisis and national security after the end of the blockade of an orderly assumption of office. “Today’s decision is a necessary step in order to begin coping with the challenges our country is facing,” said Yohannes Abraham von Biden’s transition team on Monday evening (local time). Biden’s team would also use the meetings in the coming days to “gain a full understanding of the Trump administration’s efforts to undermine government agencies.”

The relevant authority GSA gave the green light on Monday for the cooperation of the incumbent administration of President Donald Trump with Biden’s team. This officially starts the process of handover from Trump to Joe Biden.

Biden’s election victory in Michigan finally confirmed

The US state of Michigan officially confirmed the result of the US presidential election on Monday with the victory of Joe Biden. The defeated President Donald Trump suffered another setback in his attempts to overturn the outcome of the November 3rd election with legal attacks. In an electoral commission meeting, streamed live on the internet, the two Democrats and one of the two Republicans voted to confirm the results. One Republican member abstained.

Michigan brings 16 votes from electoral voters who will eventually elect the president in mid-December. The appeal requires 270 votes from voters, who must vote in their states according to the result. Biden got 306 voters behind him. In Michigan, he won by more than 150,000 votes.

Trump’s Republicans tried to delay the official recognition of the results in Michigan with lawsuits, but failed in several court attempts. Trump’s lawyers pursued the strategy of having the election results in several contested states completely invalid. Instead, local parliaments should then appoint electors themselves, who then vote for Trump. Experts gave the plans little chance given their poor legal basis. Trump invited the Republican leaders of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate to the White House over the weekend, but they do not support the plan.

Biden wants to “revive” transatlantic relations

The elected US President Joe Biden has spoken out in favor of strengthening the transatlantic relationship. In a telephone conversation with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Biden confirmed his will to “deepen and revitalize” relations between the European Union and the USA, Biden’s transition team said on Monday. After the phone call, Von der Leyen spoke of a “new beginning of the global partnership” between the EU and the USA.

EU Council President Charles Michel, who also spoke to Biden on the phone, called for the rebuilding of a “strong alliance”. He invited the future US President to a meeting with the EU heads of state and government in Brussels next year. The Europeans hope to work closely with Biden after four years of differences and affronts under the outgoing US President Donald Trump.

Biden also spoke to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday and, according to his team, assured him that his future government would continue to support him. He also committed himself to the assistance clause under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty.

Stoltenberg expects similar pressure from Biden as from Trump

According to NATO estimates, future US President Joe Biden, like incumbent President Donald Trump, will expect Europeans to increase their defense spending. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Tuesday). Trump had “his own style” and expressed his expectations of the Europeans “fairly clearly”. “But I am sure that President-elect Biden will express the same expectation of the European partners,” emphasized Stoltenberg. However, he is certain that in Biden, NATO will have a “strong supporter of the Alliance” who knows NATO very well.

Stoltenberg warned against considering the two percent target for defense spending by NATO countries in question because of the financial pressure caused by the Corona crisis. “The most important task of NATO is to prevent the Corona health crisis from becoming a security crisis. We must therefore continue to invest more,” he said. The security threats and challenges have not decreased during the pandemic.

At the same time, in the debate about an independent European security policy, Stoltenberg warned of a weakening of NATO and the division of Europe. “The fact is that the European Union cannot defend Europe.” The US security guarantees, nuclear deterrence and the presence of US troops in Europe are “absolutely necessary for the defense of Europe”. Prior to this, French President Emmanuel Macron had initiated a critical debate by calling for “strategic autonomy” for Europe. “Any attempt to weaken the ties between North America and Europe will not only weaken NATO – it will also divide Europe,” stressed Stoltenberg.

Biden’s UN Candidate: Must renew alliances with allies

The prospective new US ambassador to the United Nations has promised her country’s allies to strengthen the recently battered relationship. “As the US Ambassador to the United Nations, I will work to restore America’s reputation in the world and to renew relations with our allies,” wrote Linda Thomas-Greenfield on Twitter on Monday.

Previously, the elected US President Joe Biden had confirmed that he had chosen the 68-year-old as the highest US diplomat at the UN in New York. It has yet to be confirmed by the US Senate. After the first rumors about the occupation of the post, positive signals had come from western circles in the UN Security Council: Thomas-Greenfield is an experienced professional diplomat with many years of expertise, also with regard to the United Nations and a special focus on Africa. This makes them ready for immediate action when an appointment is made.

Many diplomats at the UN consider the incumbent American ambassador and Trump donor Kelly Craft to be the wrong choice due to a lack of diplomatic experience.

Trump team separates from controversial lawyer

A few days after a sensational press conference on alleged electoral fraud, US President Donald Trump has ended cooperation with lawyer Sidney Powell. Powell no longer works for Trump’s legal team and also not for the president personally, Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani said on Sunday.

Powell denounced an alleged fraud in the presidential election on November 3rd on Thursday alongside Giuliani. The attorney claimed that Trump actually beat his challenger Joe Biden by a wide margin. She also expressed the assumption that Cuba, Venezuela and other “communist” had manipulated the election with hacker attacks in favor of Biden. She did not provide any evidence to support her claims.

Trump’s attorneys are appealing in Pennsylvania

US President Donald Trump’s campaign team has appealed the dismissal in Pennsylvania. In a lawsuit on Monday, Trump’s team asked the US Court of Appeals to overturn a decision made by District Judge Matthew Brann. It is to be checked whether Brann wrongly refused to change Trump’s lawsuit a second time.

The judge on Saturday dismissed a motion by Trump’s team to expand the lawsuit again to include the argument that the Pennsylvania vote was unconstitutional. Accordingly, the election result should be discarded and the state parliament of Pennsylvania – which is ruled by Republicans – decide on the electorate.

Trump’s campaign team has filed dozens of lawsuits in six central states since the November 3rd vote to overturn the outcome of the election. Without the 20 Pennsylvania electorate, Trump cannot actually win. The result should be certified there on Monday.

Biden wants to present the first ministerial candidates on Tuesday

The elected US President Joe Biden wants to present his first candidates for ministerial offices in his cabinet on Tuesday. Read more about this here.

A federal court in the US state of Pennsylvania has given the incumbent US President Donald Trump another defeat in his fight against the election results. Trump’s lawyers had only presented “tried legal arguments without value and speculative allegations” without evidence, wrote Judge Matthew Brann in a statement published on Saturday evening for his decision. Trump and his Republican allies have also suffered defeat on other lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

The injunction requested by Trump to prevent Pennsylvania from certifying the election results was thus rejected. Trump’s lawsuit also aimed to potentially invalidate millions of absentee ballots. The arguments and evidence presented would not even have been enough to invalidate the vote of “a single voter”, wrote the judge. “Our people, our laws and institutions demand more,” he wrote.

The Democrat Joe Biden prevailed in the important state, which has 20 voters to give away. According to forecasts by the US media, Biden now has 306 voters, significantly more than the majority of 270 votes necessary to win. However, Trump refuses to admit defeat, claiming massive electoral fraud occurred in the November 3 election. However, he has not provided any solid evidence for this. For this reason, judges have already dismissed several of his lawsuits.

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