USA introduces punitive tariffs on wine and aircraft parts

USA introduces punitive tariffs on wine and aircraft parts

German or French wine is becoming more expensive for connoisseurs in the USA: the American government is raising up to 25 percent as new tariffs. New penalties are also due for aircraft manufacturers.

In the long-standing dispute over subsidies for the aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus, the USA will raise new punitive tariffs from Tuesday morning. The authority responsible for customs issues and border security announced on Monday evening that the new duties would be due from Tuesday 06.01 a.m. German time. They concern aircraft parts and wines from Germany and France, the two most important countries for the European Boeing rival Airbus.

According to earlier information from the US trade representative, an additional 15 percent is due on aircraft parts, and even 25 percent on certain wines. The EU recently also put new tariffs into force. In the dispute, which has been smoldering for 16 years, both sides accuse each other of illegally supporting their respective aircraft manufacturer and thus giving it a competitive advantage.

As soon as the new US President Joe Biden takes office on January 20, a new attempt should be made to resolve the conflict.

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