USA lures vaccinees: joints and donuts for the spades

USA lures vaccinees: joints and donuts for the spades

The rapid vaccination campaign in the USA is stalling – politics and business are therefore outbidding each other with creative actions to promote immunization. While some have tried fast food as a lure, activists in New York and Washington are handing out joints to those who have been vaccinated.

The numbers are good, significantly better than expected: In the USA, well over half of all adults have already been vaccinated against Covid-19 with at least one first dose. But the success of the American campaign is threatened, because the run on funds is slacking off and supply has recently outstripped demand. In order to get millions of people to inject, companies, groups and states are luring people with many incentives for newly vaccinated people – also in their own interest. A list.

Donuts and other fattening foods

Donut against proof of vaccination – this donut chain makes it possible.

(Photo: AP)

No more Covid, but getting fat? The donut chain Krispy Kreme recently caused a sensation with a successful PR gag: Every vaccinated person receives a free donut every day when they show their own vaccination card. Other companies are less full-bodied, but you can – at least in New York – dust off a cheesecake or hot dog after vaccination.

Natural history museum with free entry

The famous Natural History Museum in New York also attracts the grouchy: People can get their syringes directly under the famous replica of a blue whale – and then visit the museum for free. Because the renowned museum at Central Park is open – with distance and hygiene rules as well as limited capacity. The almost 30 meters long and around 9.5 tons heavy blue whale replica is one of the most popular exhibits.

100 dollar security

The state of West Virginia wants to help the timid younger Americans with a financial reward. The authorities there offer 16 to 35-year-olds a security of 100 US dollars (just under 83 euros) for a corona vaccination. It is about “really motivating” this population group to defeat the pandemic together, said Governor Jim Justice. Young people who have already been vaccinated – around 380,000 people in total – would also be entitled to the bond. The reward will therefore be financed with funds from the economic stimulus program recently passed by the US Congress.

Joints for syringes


In New York, a “marijuana man” is distributing joints to people who have been vaccinated.

(Photo: AP)

Marijuana activists have also jumped on the incentive train – and target the stoners. In New York and Washington, among others, a lobby group issued joints for vaccinated people and thus also received some attention. As with so many others, the campaign was not just about promoting vaccination, but also promoting yourself and the legalization of cannabis in other states.

New mask freedom

A new guideline from the US health authority CDC can also be understood as an indirect incentive: The authority recently withdrew the request to wear face masks in public – but only for completely vaccinated people. The new freedom from masks could be followed by many other simplifications for those who have been vaccinated. For example, when visiting public institutions or traveling. Immunized Americans should be allowed to travel to Europe in the summer.

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