Usyk’s coach – about Alexander’s form: “He’s a car now”

Usyk’s coach – about Alexander’s form: “He’s a car now”

Valentin Litvinchuk, a fitness coach working with Ukrainian heavyweight Oleksandr Usik, praised his ward’s current form.

“Pay attention to his form purely visually. He is a machine now. For such a short time and at such an age, gaining shape so quickly is nonsense for me. We do not have a definite goal, a definite training for one particular thing. vinaigrette style – we are trying to simultaneously develop a large amount of physical qualities. ”For such a short time, Sasha has now gained such momentum – for me, of course, it is very strange.

An athlete of his level had to go through all this load before. He had good training in certain narrow industries. We know how he runs – the guy ran marathons with his own weight. We know about his discipline. We know about the number of rounds in the ring – this is not 12 at all, but always more.

This whole agility and desire disappears, because from day to day – routine, the same thing. Now we put it all aside and gave him something new. In a new bundle, in a new sequence, in a new hall. Sasha needs this energy supply and people as well. Sasha loves people. When he trains alone in an indoor gym, that’s a completely different topic. And here, when everyone loves him, everyone communicates with him, everyone is happy to see him – in the same way, he comes in a great mood. We have never had a bad mood during training, “Valentin Litvinchuk said in an interview with the YouTube channel USYK17.

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