Vaccination recommended: USA relax travel warning for Germany

Vaccination recommended: USA relax travel warning for Germany

Vaccination recommended

USA relax travel warning for Germany

So far, the USA has warned against traveling to a number of countries, including Germany. Thanks to the lower incidence, Washington is now loosening the evidence. On the other hand, EU citizens are still not allowed to travel across the Atlantic. However, this could also be eased.

The USA has relaxed its corona-related travel warnings for numerous countries. For Germany, among other things, the highest warning level no longer applies, as can be seen from a list by the US State Department. The travel recommendations for France, Greece, Mexico, Canada and the Olympic host country Japan have also been adjusted.

The State Department called on US citizens to reconsider travel to Germany and other countries. So far, the Ministry had expressly warned against traveling to these countries.

The State Department said the easing was based on new recommendations from the CDC health authority. The agency had called on US travelers to be fully vaccinated before traveling abroad. She advised those who were not vaccinated not to travel.

The US entry ban for Europeans imposed in the corona pandemic is still valid. US President Joe Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, said on Monday that the easing of the entry ban for foreigners from Europe would be transparent.

“We have heard very clearly from our friends in Europe and the UK that we want to make Atlantic travel possible again, and we want that to happen,” said Sullivan. “But we have to follow science and the advice of our public health experts.”

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