Vasily Lomachenko: “Haney survived the battle with Linares, because he could not do anything”

Vasily Lomachenko: “Haney survived the battle with Linares, because he could not do anything”

Former world lightweight champion Vasily Lomachenko believes that in the last rounds of the fight against his ex-rival Jorge Linares, the current WBC belt holder Devin Haney was only trying to survive.

“I fought Linares when he was at his peak. It was three years ago. I fought him with almost one hand, because in the second round I had problems with my shoulder. I had them before the knockdown. I have no questions about about himself and Haney and Linares.

I don’t need to compare my fight with Linares and Haney’s fight with Linares. It doesn’t mean anything to me, because the times were completely different. When I boxed with Linares, he was at the peak of his career, in the top. And now he is, in principle, an older boxer. He is 34 years old, his condition is not the same. I mean by reaction, movement, although he managed to get it.

Haney actually survived, brought the fight to the end, because there was nothing he could do. He could only fight, hold and grab – what is forbidden in boxing. Nevertheless, he did so and avoided the duel. Before that, he won. It’s just that no one knows what would happen next if they took a point off him and made him a remark. Perhaps he would have stopped holding. Then, perhaps, Linares would have hit even more. One can only speculate about it.

The power of the blow is not measured in strength, it is enough to hit accurately. For example, what Linares did to me – he did not hit hard, but struck towards me and hit right on the chin. The same as with Haney. It was not a single strong blow. It was a series, a combination that hid an accurate and quick blow. Therefore, one cannot compare.

Let’s say the strongest puncher in our weight class is Davis. He can knock out a person with a single blow. And Linares has fast, sharp hands and cutting, prickly blows, “Vasily Lomachenko said in an interview with the YouTube channel SNOWQUEENLA.

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