Vasily Lomachenko spoke about the Mayweather – Paul exhibition duel

Vasily Lomachenko spoke about the Mayweather – Paul exhibition duel

Former world lightweight champion Vasily Lomachenko said that he is okay with Floyd Mayweather’s show duel with video blogger Logan Paul, which took place last weekend and ended without a winner being announced.

“They make money, this is not a sport. A lot of people bought the broadcast to watch this fight. Fighters and YouTubers make money. It’s a business. I’m fine with that, because if people want a show like this, they pay for it. It’s not my problem and it’s not a problem for other fighters who say it’s disrespectful. Forget it. People pay for it, they want to see it. Why not? They use it.

I read the statements of other fighters that this is wrong. But who is your fault that you cannot do the same? For this, probably, there is a media presence, popularity. If you get 20 million tomorrow for a fight with some YouTuber, won’t you come out? Take any of us. Of course you get out, it’s easy money.

They say those who, probably, do not think and do not put themselves in the shoes of these guys. They make money. Today it is their job, their bread. They can sell – please. Nobody bothers you to take your phone and become Tiktokers, YouTubers.

Everything is exactly the same: you box, they shoot. Now they have filmed so much that people are interested to see how they fight. Now do it the other way around so that it would be interesting to watch you in something else, “Vasily Lomachenko said in an interview with the SNOWQUEENLA YouTube channel.

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