Venezuela reports the arrest of eight participants in the disrupted “mercenary attack”.

Venezuela reports the arrest of eight participants in the disrupted "mercenary attack".

On Sunday, authorities reported an attempt by mercenaries to enter the country from Colombia.

Venezuelan authorities said Monday they detained eight suspects in a “mercenary attack” on the country’s coast who were involved in the conspiracy disrupted the day before.

On Sunday, the government of President Nicolas Maduro said that mercenaries had attempted to enter the country in high-speed boats from neighboring Colombia. Leaders of the opposition called the incident staged.

On Monday, a Venezuelan state television presenter showed a number of pictures, including a group of men lying on the ground with their hands behind their heads. According to the anchor, the men were detained by local fishermen near the town of Chuao in Nicaragua state.

The Governor of Nicaragua, Rodolfo Marco, posted four photos on Twitter, saying that the detention of the mercenaries was carried out by public intelligence and the civilian-military police.

The photos also show a police car near a fish market and a fishing boat.

The vice-chairman of the United Socialist Party, Diosdado Cabello, also published a video in which a group of men in black clothing and balaclavas pulled a man identified as a member of the group from the helicopter.

Prosecutor General Tarek Saab said on Monday that five men had been detained for carrying out a raid in Makuto.

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