“Very unfair and one-sided”: Trump attacks climate agreement again


On the second day of the G20 video conference, the focus is on climate policy. Still-US President Donald Trump is again defending the United States’ withdrawal from the UN agreement to reduce global warming. He also said that he was still looking forward to “a long time” working with the G20.

US President Donald Trump used his possibly last public appearance on a major international stage to attack the UN climate agreement. He described the agreement signed by almost all countries in the world at the G20 video conference as “very unfair and one-sided”. The aim was to “kill the American economy”.

The US withdrew from the agreement under his leadership in order not to lose “millions of American jobs and trillions of dollars” to the “worst polluters in the world,” Trump said. Even without “unilateral international agreements”, his government has done a lot to protect the environment.

The 2015 agreement to reduce global warming was signed by almost all member states of the United Nations, including all major economic powers. The USA was the only country to get out under Trump.

“It was a great honor for me”

In the G20, in which the leading economic powers have come together, there has been no consensus on the subject since Trump took office. At the summit hosted by Saudi Arabia on Saturday and Sunday, the focus was once again on fighting the corona pandemic.

Trump lost the election on November 3rd to the Democrat Joe Biden and is due to be replaced as US President on January 20th. Therefore, his appearance in the video conference was likely to be his last at an international summit.

The US president obviously did not want to say goodbye to the other heads of state and government. According to a report by the British “Oberserver”, based on an audio recording of Trump’s speech at a closed G20 meeting, the President said: “It has been a great honor to work with you and I look forward to it. to work with you again for a long time. “

Saudi Arabia has “great plans”

Biden has already announced that he wants to join the climate agreement again. In general, he is expected to turn around in dealing with international organizations and agreements, in which Trump was hardly interested.

The host Saudi Arabia called on the G20 to adopt a sustainable climate policy. “Protecting the planet is vital,” said King Salman. The issue has become a priority in view of increasing emissions and a growing world population. “We have great plans for renewable energies like wind and solar power, which will generate 50 percent of our country’s electricity needs by 2030,” he said.

China’s head of state and party leader Xi Jinping reiterated his goal, announced in September, that China wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2060. The country will meet its commitments under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. “Let’s work together for a clean and beautiful world,” said Xi. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India would not only meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, it would exceed them.

Corona vaccine statement

At the end of the summit, the G20 wanted to adopt a joint declaration. A draft that is available to the German Press Agency contains a clear commitment to fair and affordable access to corona vaccines in the world. The rich countries also want to do everything they can to get the badly battered world economy going again.

Trump obviously wants to support the declaration, although diplomats said he once again propagated his “America First” course in vaccinations at the G20 working session on Saturday. The only possible obstacle to adoption were therefore reservations on the part of Turkey. According to the information, the latter wanted to ensure that it is classified as a less developed country in terms of climate protection in order to be entitled to financial support and less stringent emission targets.

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