“Vice” with Christian Bale: When power corrupts

“Vice” with Christian Bale: When power corrupts

“But what do we really believe in?” It is this question that US Vice President Dick Cheney (played by Christian Bale) asks US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (Steve Carell) in the corridors of the White House, and that shows the wrong path of the United States. Rumsfeld’s answer is a never-ending, scornful laugh. Welcome to the world of “Vice” or perhaps better said: Welcome to our world!

This time Ronny’s and Axel’s first Oscar goes to the film satire by Adam McKay about the life story of former US Vice President Dick Cheney, for which film fans have more than just one word of praise. In addition, the two talk about Anne Hathaway, the latest prank from Pixar and why Disney + does not only make children’s hearts beat faster.

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