Video from NRA chief LaPierre: Gun lobbyist fails to kill elephants


Video of NRA chief LaPierre

Gun lobbyist fails because of elephant killing

For a long time the gun lobby NRA in the USA seemed inviolable – so great was its influence. But that has changed after scandals surrounding the board of directors. Now the chairman LaPierre comes under further pressure. A video shows him trying unsuccessfully to kill an elephant in Botswana.

A trophy hunt recorded on video by the top US gun lobbyist Wayne LaPierre in Botswana caused horror – and malice. The video from 2013 published by the magazine “The New Yorker” and the organization “Trace” shows how the head of the powerful gun lobby NRA tried unsuccessfully to give a gunshot on a wounded elephant.

The video first shows how LaPierre injures the animal with a first shot. He then shoots the elephant three more times from close range – but the shots all fail. The fatal shot at the animal is finally fired by one of LaPierre’s hunting companions. The video also shows LaPierre’s wife, Susan, who kills an elephant and then cuts off the tip of its tail. She calls out: “Victory!”

The founder of the organization Moms Demand Action, Shannon Watts, tweeted that the NRA chief had managed to turn both hunters and gun owners against him “because it is not only inhuman, but also because he is a terrible shooter.”

Prosecution in New York

Center for Biological Diversity’s legal director, Tanya Sanerib, said she was “disgusted” by LaPierre’s “brutal, clumsy slaughter of this beautiful creature.” “No animal should suffer this way,” she added.

The NRA is already under pressure against its leadership over allegations of embezzlement by the New York Attorney’s Office. In January, the lobby organization filed for bankruptcy and filed for bankruptcy protection in a bankruptcy court in Dallas, Texas. With the maneuver, the organization wanted to escape further legal prosecution in New York.

The Firearms Association is controversial in the USA because it consistently advocates a liberal gun law and especially in the Republican Party it exerts great influence. If, after the frequent shootings with many dead, calls for stricter gun laws are loud, it is often the NRA that opposes this and, on the contrary, propagates the further spread of guns. This is justified by the fact that potential victims could defend themselves better this way.

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