Vin Diesel speaks touchingly to the late Paul Walker

Vin Diesel speaks touchingly to the late Paul Walker

The Fast and the Furious star posted a touching photo with a partner.

Vin Diesel touchingly addressed his colleague – actor Paul Walker, who died in a car accident. The leading actor posted a photo with his named brother on his personal Instagram page after the release of the next part of the film.

“Fast and Furious 9” started at the box office at the end of May after several postponements due to the pandemic. In total, the film grossed about $ 255 million worldwide.

Vin Diesel simply could not bypass the Walker’s surname in such an important period for the entire film crew. With followers, he shared a picture in which he showed one of the episodes from the filming. In the frame, Diesel himself appeared to be smiling broadly. Paul looked just as happy.

The actor was quick to explain under what circumstances this photo was taken.

“A few weeks before the release of F9 … In preparation for the finale, which will begin in a few months, Paul’s daughter sends me this image and tells me how happy she is to see this photo.

Naturally, a person is filled with emotion, determination and ultimately gratitude. Eternal brotherhood is an indescribable blessing. I hope you will be proud of us, ”he wrote, addressing the actor’s heiress.

Numerous fans of both the entire series of films and Walker himself noted in the comments.

“Tears like hail”, “I still can’t believe that he is not there”, “So touching that it is impossible to hold back emotions”, “Why is he, and not someone else?” – they wrote.

Photo source: Legion-media

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