Violate league rules: Beckham club has to pay record fine

Violate league rules: Beckham club has to pay record fine

Violate league rules

Beckham Club has to pay a record fine

David Beckham has big goals with his club. But in terms of sport, things are not really going well for Inter Miami. Because of several violations, the club now also receives the highest fine in US league history.

Club Inter Miami CF, which is run by a group of investors led by former England soccer player David Beckham, has been fined by Major League Soccer (MLS) with the toughest ever imposed fine in MLS history. The club violated the salary budget and squad rules in the 2020 season and therefore has to pay two million dollars, among other things, it said in a statement.

In addition to the club’s fine, managing owner Jorge Mas was also fined $ 250,000. The then Sporting Director Paul McDonough was banned until the end of the 2022 season. Mas said: “As a club we admit that we have broken the rules, but we have worked closely with the league to resolve the issues and have made significant changes to our structure.”

The focus was on the squad positions of Frenchman Blaise Matuidi and those of Andrés Reyes, who were signed. In addition, Leandro González Pirez, Jorge Nicolás Figal and Julián Carranza reported too low salaries. The players were not the subject of the investigation. Their contracts also continue to exist in full.

FC Inter Miami was founded three years ago and has set itself the goal of quickly becoming a top club in the USA and winning titles. However, the start in the MLS was bumpy. The team ended the inaugural 2020 season in a disappointing 10th place in the table.

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