Violation of electoral laws: Trump threatens FBI investigation after calling


Violation of electoral laws
Trump threatens FBI investigations after calling

After his unsuccessful call to the Georgia election officer, US President Trump is threatened with an FBI investigation. Two Democratic Congressmen see it as violating the electoral law. Meanwhile, there is speculation whether Trump wants to skip the date for Biden’s inauguration.

After Donald Trump urged a change in the Georgia state election results, Democrats want to launch FBI investigations into the outgoing US president. Trump’s call to the responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger contained calls for violations of electoral laws, argued Congressmen Ted Lieu and Kathleen Rice in a letter to the head of the US Federal Police FBI, Christopher Wray. A recording of the one-hour conversation was published on Sunday. Trump said, among other things, that he wanted 11,780 votes to be found for him so that the state would go to him. “I can’t have lost Georgia.” Democrats Lieu and Rice emphasize, “The evidence of Trump election fraud has now come to light.” A Democrat from the Georgia election commission, David Worley, also called for an investigation into Trump.

Democrat Joe Biden won Georgia in the November 3rd election with a little less than 12,000 votes. As in other states, the Trump side spoke of electoral fraud, but could not present any evidence of it. The results were recounted twice in Georgia, the end result changed only slightly as a result. Raffensperger reaffirmed during the phone call that no evidence of widespread electoral fraud had been discovered.

Trump’s departure to Scotland planned?

According to the protocol, Trump should also be present at the inauguration of the newly elected President Biden on January 20. However, media speculate about the outgoing president’s possible travel plans. The Scottish Sunday Post wrote that a lot of unusual US military activity is being recorded at Prestwick Airport. Appropriately, the airport is very close to a Trump golf course. According to the report, the airport is expecting the arrival of a US military Boeing 757 on January 19 – the day before Biden’s inauguration – which Trump had previously flown.

In the past few weeks, several US Army planes have also been spotted monitoring Trump’s Turnberry Golf Resort. “It’s usually a sign that Trump will be somewhere for an extended period of time,” an airport source told the newspaper.

Before the change of office, the certification of the results from the individual states in the US Congress is due on Wednesday. Some Republicans from the House of Representatives and the Senate have announced that they will appeal against the results of individual states during the procedure. The disruptive action can delay the confirmation of Biden’s election victory by a few hours, but has no prospect of actually changing anything in the election outcome.

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