Violence at Joe Biden’s Inauguration? There are three horror scenarios


After the storm on the Capitol, the fear grew in the USA that there could also be violence at the swearing-in of Joe Biden. The police are warning of attempted murder and a possible coup.

Washington’s Capitol Police have warned the Democrats of three demonstrations on the day Joe Biden was sworn in as US President. The federal police authority sees the danger of a violent escalation, even a coup attempt and murder attempts against Democrats and parts of the Republicans are possible.

Days before the swearing-in, the National Guard secured the area around the US Capitol in Washington. (Source: AP / dpa)

The authorities called on Monday evening to alert House Democrats of serious threats that are currently being monitored. The “Huffington Post” reported, citing members of Congress with whom the US newspaper spoke.

Three demonstrations that could take place on January 20 during the swearing-in of Biden are particularly dangerous:

  1. A demonstration is planned in Washington, which the organizers describe as “the largest armed protest that has ever taken place on American soil”.
  2. A second protest will be held in honor of Ashli ​​Babbitt. The woman was shot dead in a storm on the US Capitol on Wednesday. The authorities also see the potential for violence in this demonstration.
  3. The security forces are particularly concerned about the “Storming” protest group. They threaten to storm and occupy the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court. They want to prevent Democrats and parts of the Republicans from entering the Capitol and perhaps even kill them so that Republicans who support Donald Trump could take power.

Overall, the FBI warned of protests, occupations and possible violence across the country from January 16-20. Local law enforcement agencies have been briefed on the potential of armed protests organized by right-wing extremist groups in all 50 states. Sixteen groups – some of them armed and most of them die-hard supporters of President Trump – have signed up to protest in Washington alone at the swearing-in of Biden.

“Rules of Warfare”

In the US capital, worries about “war-like conditions” are growing, as the “Huffington Post” writes. The authorities informed the Democrats that the Federal Police and the National Guard are preparing for the situation with “rules of warfare” and are preparing for tens of thousands of armed demonstrators. In general, the military and police do not plan to shoot people until they are fired from among the rioters. But there could be exceptions.

Outside the Capitol, preparations for Joe Biden's inauguration have long since begun.  (Source: AP / dpa)Outside the Capitol, preparations for Joe Biden’s inauguration have long since begun. (Source: AP / dpa)

The still incumbent US president declared a state of emergency in Washington DC on Monday until January 24th. This enables the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to act to “avert the threat of disaster”. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser called on the Home Office not to issue permits for public gatherings until January 24th.

National Guard soldiers in Washington: 16,000 security guards will be deployed at the swearing-in ceremony.  (Source: AP / dpa)National Guard soldiers in Washington: 16,000 security guards will be deployed at the swearing-in ceremony. (Source: AP / dpa)

Before the swearing in, the USA arm itself against threatening nationwide riots. In Washington, around 10,000 National Guardsmen are expected to strengthen security by Saturday. 6,000 more soldiers could be called in if the authorities so request, said the chief of the coordination office for the state National Guard, General Daniel Hokanson.

Biden: “I’m not afraid”

Last Wednesday, supporters of Trump stormed the Capitol in Washington as members of Congress were in the process of formally confirming Biden’s election victory. Five people died. Trump is held responsible for the events because shortly before the riots he gave a speech calling for a march on the Capitol and for weeks without providing any evidence he denounced alleged electoral fraud.

“I am not afraid to take the oath outdoors,” said future President Biden. The Secret Service, which is responsible for protecting the President, was instructed to begin taking additional security precautions around the inauguration as early as this Wednesday, instead of next Tuesday as previously planned.

One of the most distinctive landmarks in the federal capital, the Washington Monument, will be closed to tourists. Hundreds of thousands of people normally gather on the parking strip between the 170-meter-high obelisk and the Capitol to watch the inauguration of the president on the west terrace of the parliament building.

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