Vladimir Putin wants to take action against the “westernization” of Russia

Vladimir Putin wants to take action against the “westernization” of Russia

Putin fears a split in Russian society The West, above all the USA, should be to blame for this. Now he has signed a strategy paper that is supposed to take action against it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new strategy for the national security of his country to protect against the influence of the USA and other Western countries. “The” westernization “of culture increases the risk that the Russian Federation will lose its cultural sovereignty,” says the 44-page document published on Saturday.

Critics see the strategy paper as an attempt at authoritarian tutelage and as a new step in turning away from the values ​​of Western democracies. “Traditional Russian intellectual-moral and cultural-historical values ​​are being actively attacked by the US and its allies – including by transnational corporations and foreign non-commercial organizations,” the authors continued.

“Cult of Violence, Consumption and Pleasure”

Above all, the thesis, which Putin has repeatedly advocated, is anchored in the paper that the model of liberal democracies is in crisis. “Personal freedoms are made absolute; there is active propaganda of freedom of movement, immorality and selfishness; a cult of violence, consumption and pleasure is enforced; the use of drugs is legalized and a society that is natural is formed Life cycle negated. “

According to the document, there is growing pressure from the West on Russia – and with it the danger of dividing society. The West, it goes on to say, is trying to use the social and economic problems in Russia to destabilize society and radicalize protest.

The US and EU sanctions against Russia are also criticized. In addition, military tensions are increasing – above all as a result of NATO’s rapprochement with Russia’s borders. The country therefore wants to turn more towards China and India. The last national security strategy was dated December 31, 2015.

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