Vladimir Zelensky advocates the exchange of “all for all”

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Five scenarios of reintegration of temporarily occupied territories of Donbass are considered in Ukraine

KIEV – One of the priority issues at the negotiations of the Norman Four leaders in Paris, which will be raised by the Ukrainian side, will be the return of all prisoners to Ukraine. This was announced on December 4 to the press by President Vladimir Zelensky following talks with the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Leuven.

“Sailors, political prisoners, we returned, but not all. For me, this is an important humanitarian, very personal issue. I really want a big liberation called the “exchange of all for all.” All of us are interested in their being at home, ”said Vladimir Zelensky.

Another topic of discussion, he said, will be the security situation in the Donbass.

“If all parties want an end to the war, as we want, we can achieve serious results in the complete withdrawal of all troops and illegal weapons. This is an important issue. I would like to understand the time frame, ”said President Vladimir Zelensky, his press service said.

According to the head of the Ukrainian state, at the talks it will be possible to achieve mutual understanding on the withdrawal of all illegal armed groups, if all parties are interested in ending the hostilities.

As the correspondent of the Voice of America Russian service from Kiev reports, preparations for the summit in Paris are being held at the state level in Ukraine. With the participation of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on December 3, “a coordination meeting was held in preparation for the meeting in the” Norman format “.” The meeting discussed possible scenarios for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Vladimir Zelensky

Vladimir Zelensky clearly outlined the position on the inadmissibility of solving the problem of the occupied territories by military means and the need to achieve peace in eastern Ukraine by politico-diplomatic methods. At the meeting, five scenarios for the reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass were approved.

The fact that Ukraine has developed five scenarios for the reintegration of Donbass, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Aleksey Danilov announced on November 28, according to newsru.com.

Then he clarified that “all scenarios are for Ukraine’s benefit”, but did not disclose details. Danilov also proposed creating some “humanitarian corridors on the contact line for Ukrainian citizens living in the temporarily occupied territories”, calling it “the main priority of the reintegration work”.

Positive directions for negotiations in Paris

Anatoly Oktisyuk, political expert at the House of Democracy analytical center, believes that positive results at the negotiations in Paris can be achieved in the humanitarian and economic spheres.

“Today we see a positive track of preparations for the summit, but for the effectiveness of this meeting we need some decisions from the Ukrainian side – legislative decisions. The Ukrainian side, judging by the president’s statements, expects the start of a prisoner exchange and dialogue.

Zelensky wants to resolve humanitarian issues, and when the conversation comes to political issues, there will be no progress. For Vladimir Zelensky to make political decisions – a special status for the Donbass, amnesty for the militants – is a rather risky occupation, given the resistance of the patriotic part of society, “Anatoly Oktisyuk says to the correspondent of the Russian Voice of America service.

According to the expert, today conditions have been created for effective negotiations on the exchange of prisoners of war and on “gas issues”.

He also believes that Russia will use the meeting in the “Normandy format” in order to resolve the issue of lifting economic sanctions.

For Russia, it is important to see the“ contours ”of the solution to the Ukrainian issue in the Donbass, in which it loaded in order to raise the issue of lifting international sanctions. For Ukraine, the “Donbass issue” is no longer as critical as a couple of years ago. Everything can remain as it is: society will continue to put pressure on Zelensky, who claimed to be the president of the world, but nothing would happen, ”says Anatoly Oktisyuk.

The expert notes that most Ukrainians want peace in the Donbass, but not at the expense of political concessions to Russia.

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