Vote in the House of Representatives: Top Democrat Pelosi confirmed in office


Vote in the House of Representatives
Top Democrat Pelosi confirmed in office

A good two weeks before Joe Biden takes office, it is clear: Nancy Pelosi will remain chairwoman of the US House of Representatives. The 80-year-old beats her Republican challenger as close as possible. It will probably be the influential Democrat’s last term in office.

The Democrat Nancy Pelosi has been re-elected chairwoman of the US House of Representatives. At the constituent meeting of the Congress Chamber on Sunday, Pelosi narrowly achieved the necessary majority for re-election for the influential top post with 216 votes. Their challenger, Republican Kevin McCarthy, got 209 votes.

Pelosi had already steered her party as chairman of the House of Representatives through the second half of US President Donald Trump’s term in office for the past two years – as America’s most politically powerful woman and as the Republican’s most important opponent. From 2007 to 2011 she had already been chairwoman of the Congress Chamber. At that time, she became the first woman in the country’s history to take up the post. The now 80-year-old has signaled that this will be her last term at the helm of the House of Representatives.

After the Democrats lost unexpectedly many seats in the House of Representatives to the Republicans in the November election, the majority of the party in the chamber has become extremely tight. It has shrunk to currently 222 from 435 seats. At least 218 votes are generally required for a simple majority.

Two seats are currently vacant – one because of the ongoing Georgia race, another because of the recent death of a newly elected MP. In addition, several MPs were absent due to illness at the opening session. 427 parliamentarians were present.

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