Vyacheslav Datsik effectively knocked out Tyson Dijon, knocking the opponent out of the ring


A few minutes ago, at the Vegas City Hall in Krasnogorsk, the fight of the main card of the Kings of the Ring boxing show ended, in which the shocking MMA fighter Vyacheslav Datsik and Cameroon boxing champion Tyson Dijon fought.

Datsik rushed forward from the start, but Dijon avoided his sweeping attacks and counterattacked with a jab. In the middle of the first round, Datsik hit with an accented blow, but he could not build on his success. Dijon caught “Red Tarzan” on counterattacks, but missed again in the end of the round.

Datsik also began the second round with an offensive, but his blows were too obvious. Dijon calculated the opponent and began to replay, regularly hitting the right through Datsik’s left hand. In the heat of the struggle, the fighters did not even hear the gong, continuing to exchange blows.

In the middle of the third round, Dijon took the lead after hitting Datsik, but Vyacheslav could not benefit from this. Moreover, the Russian was breathing heavily and slowed down, but Dijon continued to work on his feet and deliver blows.

At the beginning of the fourth round, Datsik again rushed forward and unexpectedly caught Dijon. After a powerful uppercut from Vyacheslav, the Cameroonian flew out of the ring, where, fortunately, he was picked up in time. Dijon was returned to the ring, but he decided not to continue the fight.

Fight result: Vyacheslav Datsik defeated Tyson Dijon by knockout in the fourth round

Video of the fight Vyacheslav Datsik – Tyson Dijon

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