Vyacheslav Datsik won for the second time, but could not prolong Tyson Dijon

Vyacheslav Datsik won for the second time, but could not prolong Tyson Dijon

The revenge of the notorious Russian MMA fighter Vyacheslav Datsik and the Cameroon boxer Tyson Dijon has just ended at the Vegas City Hall arena in the Moscow Region.

From the start of the fight, Datsik rushed forward with sweeping blows. Dijon turned on his legs, avoiding most of the opponent’s attacks. The Cameroonian made a good shot towards, but Datsik continued to bend his line. “Red Tarzan” created danger when he drove Dijon to the ropes, but Tyson tried not to stagnate in place. Simultaneously with the gong, the Cameroonian appeared on the canvas, but the referee did not open an account, considering that he had lost his balance.

In the second round, Datsik slowed down, which Dijon did not fail to take advantage of. Tyson continued to move and work effectively towards, often flashing the opponent’s unreliable defense.

In the third three minutes, Datsik decided not to save energy and organized a swoop from the start. However, “Red Tarzan” was clearly hampered by an excessive desire to knock out an opponent: he sent Dijon to the ring floor several times, but he did it with the help of jerks, not punches. In the end, the Cameroonian, significantly inferior in size, was tired, but made it to the final bell.

According to the results of three rounds, Datsik was declared the winner, who this time, unlike the first fight, did not manage to knock out Dijon.

Fight result: Vyacheslav Datsik defeated Tyson Dijon by decision

Video of the fight Vyacheslav Datsik – Tyson Dijon 2

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