Was Corona a laboratory accident from Wuhan after all?

Was Corona a laboratory accident from Wuhan after all?

The relationship between China and the USA is likely to deteriorate further: China is outraged to Joe Biden’s announcement that its secret services are looking more intensively for the origin of the corona virus.

After a year and a half of the corona pandemic, the origin of the outbreak is still unknown. For a long time it looked as if a majority of the scientists did not consider a laboratory accident in Wuhan to be plausible. The laboratory hypothesis seemed to disappear more and more in the obscurity of absurd conspiracy ideologies.

But now she’s back at the latest: US President Joe Biden instructed his secret services on Wednesday to begin their investigations into the origin of the pandemic. The previous investigations had not enabled a conclusive judgment as to whether the virus jumped from animals to humans or escaped from a laboratory in an accident.

90 days to investigate

“I have now asked the intelligence services to redouble their efforts and report back to me in 90 days. They should collect information, analyze it, and bring us closer to a final conclusion,” said a White House press release. This gives the US intelligence services until the end of August to submit a report. Why the US President set this period of 90 days remained open.

With the assignment to his secret services, Joe Biden gives the laboratory hypothesis a new impetus. It could now again be viewed as a possible cause of the pandemic outbreak – not only among US intelligence officials, but also in intelligence circles around the world.

WHO considered hypothesis “very unlikely”

It looked as if the hypothesis could not be held. In March, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report summarizing the results of a research visit to China. He described a laboratory accident as “very unlikely”. With this judgment of the guardian of global health, the laboratory hypothesis appeared to be discredited and the debate about it closed.

But then it was WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, of all people, who turned things around – a man whom critics had previously described as a Beijing slave. The WHO team visited several laboratories in Wuhan and considered the possibility that the virus escaped from there by accident, Tedros said at a press conference in late March: “However, I don’t think this assessment was extensive enough. It more data and studies are needed to arrive at more robust conclusions. “

Secret service report on infected researchers

From there, the debate continued to develop. In May, 18 authors, including the world’s leading corona researchers, called in the respected science magazine “Science”: “Investigate the origin of Covid-19”. The fact that these were scientists gave the appeal a credibility that went beyond political demands.

And so journalists began again to research the possibility of a laboratory accident. Just a few days ago, the “Wall Street Journal” reported, citing a US intelligence report, that three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) had visited a hospital in November 2019 with symptoms similar to Covid-19 – weeks before the first Virus outbreak in December 2019. Coronavirus research has been carried out at the WIV for many years.

Bat researcher from Wuhan

One of the most famous researchers at this institute is Shi Zhengli, who is also referred to as “Batwoman” in the Chinese media. As she explained in interviews, part of her job is to squeeze into narrow caves at night to collect samples of bat blood, saliva and feces. Coronaviruses are common in bats.

It was not until March 2019, just a few months before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, that Shi and colleagues published a study in a Swiss journal in which they warned about bats and zoonoses, i.e. infectious diseases that spread from animals to humans.

Beijing does not like the fact that Joe Biden made the laboratory hypothesis socially acceptable again by commissioning his secret services. Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese State Department, described the US president’s decision at a press conference earlier this week as “political manipulation”. Last year, Zhao accused the US Army of introducing the corona virus to China at the 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan. However, this accusation can be considered fictitious. There are no indications for this.

However, this does not prevent the Chinese State Department from continuing to seek the burden of proof with the United States. “If the US side really demands a completely transparent investigation, it should follow China’s example and invite WHO experts to the US and open Fort Detrick and the overseas bio-laboratories to the rest of the world,” said Zhao. Fort Detrick is a US military site in the state of Maryland that has a history of biological weapons work. The Chinese embassy in Washington also spoke up and described Joe Biden’s decision as a “smear campaign” and “conspiracy theory”.

Most researchers today assume that the origin of the coronavirus can no longer be explained scientifically. It remains to be seen whether the US secret services will come to a different conclusion in three months’ time.

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