Wearable device sales exceeded 500 million devices in 2020

Wearable device sales exceeded 500 million devices in 2020

Wearable device sales grew 37% from 384 million in 2019 to 527 million in 2020, according to research firm Strategy Analytics. The main market driver was TWS headphones, Apple and Xiaomi smartwatches. These categories accounted for nearly 98% of total wearable device sales. Thus, the headphone category showed an increase of 61% compared to the results of 2019 from 203 million devices to 327 million devices. Watches grew in sales by 11% in 2020 from 169 million to 188 million devices. In total, watches accounted for 44% of total wearable device sales, and headphones accounted for 53%. Strategy Analytics predicts that if the current upward trend in wearable device sales continues, by the end of the decade, total wearable device sales will exceed smartphone sales to 2 billion units. New devices that will appear on the mass market in the near future include augmented reality glasses, smart rings equipped with biosensors, and smart sneakers.

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