We’ll never lockdown again

We’ll never lockdown again

More and more countries are going into lockdown in view of rising corona numbers. Now US President Donald Trump sounds that this will not happen in his country.

US President Donald Trump has ruled out new, far-reaching restrictions on public life in the US, regardless of the further increase in coronavirus infections. “We will never do a lockdown again,” announced Trump on Thursday at a campaign appearance in Tampa, Florida. He also made explicit reference to the restrictions announced in Germany and France.

While the number of new corona infections in the USA had recently risen to around 79,000 in one day, Trump continues to insist that they will soon be out of the woods. He pointed out that effective drugs such as antibody drugs and vaccines would soon be available. Experts from Trump’s government warn, however, that it will take months. That is why they advocated wearing masks, among other things.

“He expects us to learn to die with it”

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has meanwhile accused Trump of endangering lives with his major events in the final spurt of the election campaign. The president distributes viruses throughout the country at his “superspreader events” during the election campaign – this term refers to events that infect a particularly large number of people. “He says it is coming to an end that (the virus) will go away. That we will learn to live with it. No, he expects that we will learn to die with it,” Biden called his followers on Thursday in Coconut Creek (Florida) close to miami too.

At the event in Tampa, as in the past few days, thousands of people, some without masks and huddled together in front of the stage. Biden, on the other hand, appeared in front of a significantly smaller crowd, as in the past. There were around 200 cars in front of his stage – the organizers asked the occupants to always stay close to their car in order to comply with the rules of distance.

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