what does Dita Von Teese look like today?

what does Dita Von Teese look like today?

The former chosen one of Marilyn Manson practically does not go out on the street.

The paparazzi leaked unadorned pictures of the former darling of Marilyn Manson, the burlesque queen Dita Von Teese to the Network. Recently, a celebrity rarely appears in public, and therefore her appearance to the audience could not go unnoticed.

The paparazzi caught Von Teese in the parking lot: a beautiful dancer was refueling her car. At the same time, Dita tried to hide her face behind dark glasses, but her corporate image – black hair and bright red lipstick – betrayed her.

As noted by the Daily Mail journalists, Dita behaved a little strangely in the parking lot: she fussed, as if in a hurry to hide faster. The reason for this behavior remains unclear.

what does Dita Von Teese look like today?

The alarm sounded on the Web: Von Teese looked very pale and nervous.

what does Dita Von Teese look like today?

“As pale as death, legs – sticks”, “It seems to me that makeup in this heat is clearly superfluous. Isn’t it time for her to calm down? “,” It looks at least painful “,” As for me, she should get a little tan, “they wrote on the Web.

Photo source: Legion-media

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