what mistresses were “attributed” to Prince William

what mistresses were “attributed” to Prince William

The Dukes of Cambridge look like a reference family, but some don’t believe in this idyll.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been happily married for 10 years, but the Duchess was not always the main woman in the prince’s life. Even in his student years, the grandson of Elizabeth II stared at other girls, already being in a relationship with Kate. It is worth saying that the prince did not recognize a single novel.

William’s hottest hobby was childhood friend Jessica Craig. The couple were close friends until William entered college, where he met Kate Middleton.

Already in marriage, the prince was also credited with novels. One of the rumors was very loud – William was considered the lover of the singer Rita Ora. Backstage, they hugged and even kissed, although the rules prohibit touching royalty.

And let Kate wait: what mistresses were

Prince Harry’s vacation in Switzerland made a lot of noise, the paparazzi filmed him in the company of model Sophie Taylor, who was flirting with the already married William. Friends of the prince denied everything and assured that he only talked with the model for a few minutes.

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