what secret Harry and Megan are hiding from the public

what secret Harry and Megan are hiding from the public

Apparently, a girl named Lilibet doesn’t really exist.

The scandalous Dukes of Sussex Megan and Harry were again caught trying to deceive the public. This time it turned out that on June 4, no girls named Lilibet were born in the United States.

Just a month ago, there were reports in the press that Megan became a mother for the second time. A few days later, the name of the child leaked to the Network – it was initially reported that the couple named their daughter Lilibet Diana in honor of Queen Elizabeth.

Later, the version changed, and Megan’s grandmother was involved in the case. A birth certificate was even published on the Web, clearly proving the fact of the child’s existence.

However, the other day it turned out that on June 4, Lilibet was not born in America. YouTube blogger LYUDA blushsupreme conducted a simple investigation, which revealed that there is actually no girl with that name.

In the United States, information about the place of birth, real name and other personal information of any person can be found with ease. If desired, each citizen can declassify this information. So, it turned out: if you type in the name of the daughter of the ex-actress and the prince in a search engine, it turns out that such a person was not born in the Santa Barbara clinic.

Girls with that name were not born: what secret are Harry and Megan hiding from the public

Apparently, the couple nevertheless decided to name their daughter after Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. Because through simple manipulations on the Web, a birth certificate was found in the name of a certain Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

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