what would a wolverine look like in a classic comic suit

what would a wolverine look like in a classic comic suit

Fan art with Hugh Jackman is gaining popularity on Instagram.

Netizens were shown what Wolverine would look like if he wore a classic comic book costume.

For a long time, the X-Men franchise delighted fans with its existence, but not so long ago this project came under the wing of Disney along with 20th Century Fox, so Marvel can no longer work with mutants.

The fans who miss their favorite characters decided to give them a second life. The first was Hugh Jackman, whom the fans decided to dress up in the original image.

It is noteworthy that in the ten times that Jackman appeared in the role of Wolverine, he never tried on his real costume.

In fan art, Hugh-Wolverine appears in a yellow outfit with huge shoulders and blue accents on them. At the same time, his face looked as terrifying as possible.

“A part of me will always grieve knowing that we will never see Hugh Jackman return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and don his iconic comic book Wolverine costume. Wolverine was my child superhero. Hugh Jackman will always be Logan, ”wrote the Finnish artist Malcolm Stennett, who wrote the art.

On the web, fans agreed that “the result of this work is definitely worth seeing.”

Photo source: Legion-media

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