What’s there on the table ?: Photo shows Trump’s new office


What is there on the table?
Photo shows Trump’s new office

For years, Donald Trump made the headlines as US President, but now it has become quiet around him. But now a photo from his new office on his property in Florida is causing a stir. Not only does it reveal the price of his desk, it also reveals something Trump wanted to hide.

A photo has surfaced online showing former US President Donald Trump’s new office in his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida. It was posted by Trump’s close colleague Stephen Miller, who is pictured next to Trump, who in turn sits behind a heavy wooden desk with his typical photo smile. The picture was a bit of a sensation, users of social media almost rushed to it and examined every single detail, because so far there have been no insights of this kind.

The magazine “Politico” also devoted an in-depth analysis to the picture. Among other things, the author discovered Trump’s reading glasses on the desk, right next to the iPhone. The fact that Trump has one was not exactly a state secret. But the former president tried to avoid being seen with it. So he made sure not to be photographed with the glasses on – which means that there are only a few pictures of him with them. “Politico” says that he needed them for his favorite pastime, tweeting. In order to avoid being seen with glasses, he had suggestions for tweets printed out in large letters so that they could be read without visual aids.

In the meantime, Trump has been banned from Twitter – so it is more likely that he had put on the glasses for reading the “Wall Street Journal” on the desk in front of him. The conservative paper is close to the Republicans, but distanced itself from Trump and accused him of his lies about alleged electoral fraud. Trump, on the other hand, railed in a message that the paper was still propagating things that were bad for the US – free trade agreements, for example. But that doesn’t seem to stop him from reading the newspaper. Trump is also said to have always remained loyal to the “New York Times”, although it regularly tore him apart and he had declared them, along with other media, to be “enemies of the people”.

Coca-Cola boycott doesn’t apply to Trump

The bottle of Diet Coke (“Cola Light” in Germany), which can be seen behind the phone, also falls into this category. Because Trump has just called for a boycott of the shower manufacturer. He is annoyed that the Georgia-based corporation protested against the new electoral law there. But Trump is a long-time “Diet Coke fanatic”, can be read in “Politico”, so he apparently did not feel addressed by his own appeal.

According to the report, the structure in the front right of the desk is a plaque honoring Trump for his efforts to protect the US borders – he received it from the US border guards. It represents the famous wall that Trump wanted to build and that Mexico should pay for. After four years in office, he’d built 80 miles of new border fortifications – and critics didn’t think they could really contain illegal immigration. But for his followers it was a symbol of isolation – exactly what they wanted.

On the desk there is also a Sharpie brand felt-tip pen, which Trump has been using for a long time – for autographs or to mark articles that he does not like, perhaps in the newspaper in front of him. In 2019 this pen became famous for a short time: the President had obviously used it to edit a weather map that showed the course of a hurricane. Trump wanted to prove retrospectively that there had been warnings that the storm could hit the state of Alabama. He had claimed that, but was then corrected by his own weather service – “Sharpiegate” became one of the typical short-term exciters of the Trump era. The desk itself is probably a $ 3,600 model that can also be ordered on the Internet, but is currently sold out.

Mount Rushmore ohne Trump

The other things in the office don’t reveal too much that is new. At the back left is a picture of Air Force One, the presidential aircraft that Trump had redesigned in color, as it is called by “Politico”. On the table below are so-called Challenge Coins – these are coins that the individual branches of the US Army award on an honorary basis. Trump has already exhibited these in the Oval Office in the White House, as well as the numerous family photos that can be seen on the right. The small Trump statue on the left is likely to have been given to him, “Politico” quotes former Trump employees. Often he had been sent something like this or even paintings by him.

Behind him hangs a picture of Mount Rushmore, the famous rock relief with the portraits of the legendary Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. With no other president you would find something about it, with Trump the thought arises that he sees himself in a row with these greats. Especially since he had only tweeted it himself last year. In view of his achievements, he thought it was a good idea, he wrote in the run-up to a campaign speech at the foot of the mountain. But at least he didn’t hang a picture there in which his head was edited – he would have had it, because the governor of South Dakota, where Mount Rushmore is located, gave him one, you can read in “Politico”.

All in all, the view into the office seems rather unspectacular. Nowhere is a piece of paper peeping out with headings like “Plan for the 2024 election campaign” or “Instructions from Putin” – the former a nightmare, the latter a dream of its many critics. The message of this photo is more likely: Trump is not finished with his work.

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