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How to quickly free up space on your phone and delete unnecessary files sent via WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a popular messenger that can quickly clutter your phone’s memory. How to understand which WhatsApp files take up too much space and how to delete them quickly?

How does WhatsApp kill phone memory?

The culprit of the lack of free space on the phone is not the messenger itself, but its specific function – autoload media. By default, after downloading the application, it is enabled, so all sent files are stored in the phone’s internal memory. Including:

Photos, postcards and other images.
Video files.
Voice messages.
GIF image.
Audio files.
Documents in various formats (PDF, Word, Excel, APK files, etc.).
Files sent by the phone owner.

As a result, if you do not clear the memory of unnecessary files, their total size can reach several gigabytes. At the same time, the text messages themselves take up almost no space on the phone, so regular correspondence (without sending and receiving files) does not clog the memory of the mobile device.

How do I free up phone memory?

There are several ways to free up space on your phone from WhatsApp files. It is recommended to combine them, as they can complement each other.
Free up space from WhatsApp

You can delete unnecessary images, voice messages, videos and other files through the settings of the messenger itself. To do this, the user needs:

Open WhatsApp settings by clicking on the three dots in the corner of the main screen of the program.
Select "Data and storage".
Click on the "Repository Management" line.
In the "Chats" section, take turns clicking on interlocutors or groups, selecting unnecessary files and deleting them.

Chats in the list are sorted by size: top – largest (contain the most files), bottom – the smallest. To delete a file, hold it and then click on the trash can icon. To delete all files, check the box next to “Select all” and then click on the Recycle Bin.

Free up space through the file manager

You can also free WhatsApp memory through the file manager on your phone. To do this, open it and find the “WhatsApp” folder in the internal memory. Then you need to go to the “Media” folder. It contains all sent and sent files. For example, the “WhatsApp Images” folder contains all the received images, as well as the “Sent” folder – here are duplicate images sent by the user.

Importantly! It is not recommended to delete the folders themselves, as this may damage the program. You only need to delete their contents within the Media folder and its subfolders. The Databases and Backups folders and their contents should also not be deleted.

What can I do to stop WhatsApp from killing memory?

As long as the messenger is auto-loaded, it will store files in the phone’s memory. Therefore, this feature must be disabled in the settings. This requires:

 Open WhatsApp settings.
 Select "Data and storage".
 In the "Autoload media" section, select "No" in all three lines.

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