Why Donald Trump rules Republicans like a godfather

Why Donald Trump rules Republicans like a godfather

A speech to his supporters in North Carolina shows how Donald Trump is trying to secure his influence with the Republicans. He divides the world into friends and enemies of the family.

A possible closeness to the Italian mafia in New York City was already rumored to Donald Trump, when he was not even in the political business. But regardless of whether and how such contacts may have come about: Anyone who is currently watching the former US president can see how much Trump’s appearance is reminiscent of that of a clan boss.

This became clear on the weekend at a performance in front of his supporters in the city of Greenville, in the state of North Carolina. Trump had given a public speech there for the first time in a long time. But he was primarily concerned with one thing: Trump wanted to introduce his audience to a loyal politician, Republican Congressman Ted Budd.

Trump swears allegiance

Trump desperately wants Budd to be the new US Senator for North Carolina in Congress. Regardless of whether he will run again in the 2024 presidential election: Trump’s next important step is initially the so-called midterm elections, in which the Republicans want to regain their majority in both chambers of Congress (House of Representatives and Senate). The ex-president wants to make sure that as many Republicans as possible who are loyal to him will sit in both houses. Because not everyone in the party is behind him by any means.

Trump is neither chairman of the party nor of the parliamentary group. All he has to secure his influence is ultimately his acquired authority with the powerful party base, which can decide on the various Republican candidates in the primaries. So Trump has to get his listeners carried away, he has to convince them so that they continue to follow him and bring his candidates forward.

The family is the most important

Trump also cleverly uses his family to do this. Again and again he talks about how much he loves his family and that unfortunately others would not do that to the same extent. The family and loyalty to her, as Trump said earlier, is the most important thing. And even before he announces Ted Budd as his preferred candidate, he calls the wife of his son Eric onto the stage: Lara Trump, herself from North Carolina.

She talks about her origins, about how she loves North Carolina so much that she called her daughter Carolina herself. Then she flirts with her own possible candidacy as a US Senator for the state. “There were a few rumors,” she calls out to the cheering crowd. But her two children are still too young, they still need them too much. But that doesn’t mean that she won’t run for office at some point. And Trump then repeats how strong she would be as a senator. It almost sounds like a threat to Ted Budd, whom he then asks on stage with the following words:

“I give him my absolute and full approval. We will work with him. We will campaign with him. You cannot choose people who have already lost two races and who do not stand for our values.”
Trump is referring to the other two Republican candidates Pat McCrory and Mark Walker. And should Ted Budd not stay on the line and vote in favor of Trump in the future, then he already knows who he might be dealing with. Namely with Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara. And that’s why Budd politely shakes Trump’s hand before he speaks: “Wow. Thank you Mr. President! That means the world to me.” And of course Lara would make a splendid senator.

The “big lie” of electoral fraud

Budd has to say “President” as if Trump were actually still legally in office. Because at the center of his speech Trump had once again put his story of the multiple refuted electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential elections. When Trump speaks of “our values”, he also means this lie. Election fraud will go down in history as the “crime of the century”, said Trump. He is not the one trying to undermine American democracy, says Trump. “I’m the one trying to save her”.

It is the “Big Lie” that Trump uses to divide not only the country, but also the Republicans themselves. At the same time, however, he gathers his loyal following, especially at the party base and now Ted Budd behind him, who closes with Trump’s motto: “Let’s get back to make America great again.”

Against Facebook, China, Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden

Trump himself spoke in a well-known way, so that it almost looked like 2020. He talked about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. At his request, he received this for dinner in the White House. After the election, however, Zuckerberg showed his true face. Zuckerberg did not remain loyal. Trump alludes to the Facebook lock that his followers gave him in the course of storming the Capitol. His statement about the Facebook boss, “We cannot let such a human being rule our country,” indicated how much of his own power Trump owes to social media like Facebook and Twitter, and how much he seems to be annoyed with them no longer to have that measure. Incidentally, hardly any of the better-known stations broadcast the event in North Carolina. Only a few specialty channels and “Fox Carolina News”.

Trump received the greatest applause from his supporters that day for his demand that China pay $ 3 trillion in reparations for bringing the coronavirus on humanity. He accused the immunologist Anthony Fauci of just looking for media appearances and of having made countless mistakes. For example, because he did not want to close the borders with China. He, Trump, ultimately saved millions of lives in the corona pandemic. Joe Biden is now to blame for the fact that everything is going to break and that Russia is invading the United States with cyber attacks, for example, and for another migration crisis on the southern border with Mexico.

Enemies of the family

In the end, Trump once again only hinted that he might want to run again in 2024: In a year, when you have won the Senate seat for North Carolina with Ted Budd, he said, he would be most looking forward to: ” 2024 “. Cheers in the hall.

But if that doesn’t work, Trump has already found the guilty party: the investigators against him in New York City. These enemies would not stop their “crusade” against him before 2024 anyway. “Radical left prosecutors in New York are spending a lot of time and money threatening families and trying to destroy the lives of innocent people,” he said. There it was again, Trump’s holy family, with whom he is particularly adept at exploiting conservative values ​​for himself.

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