why Lopez and Affleck are in no hurry to move in

why Lopez and Affleck are in no hurry to move in

The lovers still live in two houses.

An insider close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck explained why lovers are in no hurry to live under one roof. For several months now, the actor and singer have not hidden their feelings, publicly showing them to the audience. Affleck and Lopez are resting together, have already introduced their children and, they say, are even preparing for the wedding.

The only thing that seriously confuses the fans is the lovers’ unwillingness to move in. As it turned out, J.Lo and Ben have very specific reasons for this.

“Ben lives very comfortably in his home near Lopez and the kids. They see each other regularly. Lopez herself also loves her house and does not plan to move out. They just visit each other and enjoy it, ”quotes an EOnline insider.

It is possible that “a full-fledged reunion may never happen at all,” since the current version of the relationship is the most optimal for both Lopez and Affleck.

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