why Prince William doesn’t put up with Harry

why Prince William doesn’t put up with Harry

The expert revealed the ins and outs of the royal family.

Many expect that Prince Harry and Prince William will finally reconcile at the opening of the Princess Diana memorial on July 1. The audience believes that Harry has realized his mistakes.

why Prince William doesn’t put up with Harry

However, Hugo Vickers, the author of a number of books about the royal family, is not sure about this outcome. The Royal Expert believes that William no longer respects his brother.

“Many people don’t care about the memorial to Diana. This is a story about a possible reconciliation of two brothers who quarreled. It was this perspective that caught the attention of the public.

But William does not plan to put up, he considers his brother Meghan Markle henpecked. He simply lost respect for him. As long as Harry is with her, there will be no reconciliation, ”Vickers told Express.

why Prince William doesn’t put up with Harry

Recall that at the funeral of Prince Philip, many believed that the dialogue between Harry and William would lead to the conclusion of peace. But outside the cameras, the brothers “clung to each other’s throats.”

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