Why Princess Diana’s Wedding Day Was a Nightmare

Why Princess Diana’s Wedding Day Was a Nightmare

Fans are still sure: it was the marriage with Charles that brought the Duchess to the grave.

July 29, 1981 was a big holiday for the whole UK: Diana Spencer married Prince Charles. The ceremony cost the royal family three million pounds, and Diana’s dress alone was estimated at nine thousand by experts. Everyone was sure: a happy future awaits the spouses.

However, it all ended tragically – first with tears and accusations, and then with the death of Diana. Later, their wedding will be called “the wedding of the century”, however, few people know that by this day they both had already hated each other.

The day before the wedding, Diana told her sisters that she was not ready to get married. Instead of support, they buried Diana’s last hope for happiness, saying: “Your name is on all the napkins – it’s too late to run.”

And a few days before the wedding, Diana discovered a bracelet that Charles intended to give the loves of his life – Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he was not allowed to marry.

A week after the engagement, Diana first heard from her new husband that she had become too fat. The desperate duchess hastily set about losing weight and achieved success, losing 10 kg. True, then it all ended with bulimia.

“Her life has turned into a complete nightmare. The poor thing was terribly emaciated. I was so worried about her. She felt very bad, all these problems fell into an unbearable burden. She was caught in a real whirlpool, her head was spinning, and there was nothing to cling to. It was the shadow of the old Diana, “- said the friend of the princess Carolyn Bartholomew.

On the eve of the celebration itself, Diana confessed: she was no longer afraid of anything, because sure death awaited her.

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