With a quick engagement, Demi Lovato tried to prove to the world that “she’s okay.”


The star revealed the details of the broken engagement.

American actress and singer Demi Lovato stated that the engagement to actor Max Erich was self-deception. She admitted that the fast-paced romance gave her a sense of security.

Demi and Max started dating in March 2020. Their relationship developed very quickly, and after four months, Erich asked Lovato to become his wife. The artist agreed and accepted a luxurious ring, which cost the groom $ 450,000.

But the engagement in July was broken off in September. And only now Lovato explained what she was looking for in a relationship with Erich.

“I deceived myself because the engagement was an expected and safe step. He was deeply not indifferent to me, but inside I thought: I need to prove to the world that I am okay, “- quoted by Demi Daily Mail.

Lovato added that she has no regrets about the failed wedding or the luxurious ring that she wore for so long. When she took off the jewelry worth almost half a million dollars, she realized that she did not need all of this.

“I need no object on my finger to understand that I finally pulled myself together,” said the star.

The artist also admitted that she likes to exist in a movement that seems to many to be chaos. But she herself feels comfortable and no longer intends to pretend that everything is fine with her.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Maria Novikova

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