“With Joe Biden dignity returns”


The USA have sworn in their new President Joe Biden. The Trump era is over. The national press positions itself clearly and sees great opportunities.

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Joe Biden is officially sworn in and ready to take up business as the new US President. The ceremony on Wednesday was the starting point for his term in office. The national press assesses the 78-year-old compared to Donald Trump as a future bearer of hope to restore the country’s respect and dignity.

“Daily mirror”: “Relief, joy, hope. Donald Trump is history, with no last outbursts of violence. With Joe Biden, civility and respect return. In the jubilation over the new presidency the disillusionment is of course already in place, true to the motto ‘You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose ‘. 78-year-old Joe Biden has to perform a triple balancing act in order to bridge the gap between expectations, willingness and ability. (…) Reconciliation between the camps? who did not vote for him and promises to be their president. The chances of success are slim, but the change in style is a value in itself. “

“t-online”: “Yes, it did, but only in dire straits. The self-proclaimed pioneering country of democracy let itself be ruled by an anti-democrat for four years, and the USA will suffer this damage for a long time to come. That’s why Joe Biden may have already had his greatest achievement: He defeated Donald Trump in a tough, epidemic-ridden election campaign. But it doesn’t get any easier now. “

“Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”: “His relief, said the Federal President, that Joe Biden is now moving into the White House. Like him, the vast majority of Europeans have looked forward to the change of power in the United States, if not, after the recent events, even eagerly. .) This view of happy anticipation expresses the whole relief that the Trump era is finally over and that we are about to start a new partnership that has suffered as badly over the past four years as the reputation of the United States you don’t have to think about it right away, but how far the new feeling of happiness will carry you will know at the latest when the new team has started their work and everyday government life has returned – when pathos gives way to interests. (…) “

“Southgerman newspaper”: “On the day that Joe Biden could have celebrated his rise to president and thus the achievement of his life goal, he made sure that tenants who lost their jobs because of the pandemic did not lose their apartments despite late payments, and that students can go to college when they can’t pay the tuition. He took care of the big and small on his first day. He wasn’t a man of words or sorrow. He was a man of action. It is It is quite possible that American society has suffered too much damage to be repaired, but if, with a little optimism, one can trust a person to get this damage at least partially under control and to bring it to a happy January 2022 convict, then it’s 78-year-old Joe Biden who seems to have learned one thing above all else in his long career: what is really important.

“Südwest Presse”: “Previously, new US presidents were faced with excessive expectations, but Joe Biden is fortunate enough to just have to be a normal office bearer. Human emotions beyond Trump’s anger and aggression have long been missing in this position. What’s more: Joe Biden returns the dignity back to the office that was abused by his predecessor for a gigantic ego show. “

“The standard”: “It’s like having to change wheels in a moving car on the freeway. This is how a political scientist at the US University of Berkeley recently described the challenge facing the new US President Joe Biden. Every third voter does not recognize him as his president on, Republicans and Democrats in Congress have four years of fierce fighting behind them, morale in the country has hit rock bottom, the economy is in decline and the coronavirus pandemic is nowhere near over. In absolute terms, the United States is due to a lack of strategies the country with the most proven infections and deaths. A Mission Impossible? The starting position is bleak.

The new US administration has plenty of good intentions. The idealistic Joe Biden appears as a ‘healer’, and in his inaugural address he also invoked unity and solidarity. It is unlikely that Biden can use gestures of reconciliation to take away the fears that the populist has stoked and served from the die-hard voters of Donald Trump. “

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