“Won by manipulation”: Trump recognizes Biden’s victory – somehow

“Won by manipulation”: Trump recognizes Biden’s victory – somehow

The allegations remain, but the choice of words changes: Donald Trump calls Joe Biden “election winner” for the first time. The elected US President cannot imagine that the Democrat won fair. Then he realizes what he just said.

Donald Trump declared Joe Biden as the election winner for the first time in a tweet. In the same breath, however, the elected president accused his challenger of having cheated. “He won because the election was rigged,” wrote Trump on Twitter. Trump then repeated his court-refuted allegations that no election observers were allowed during the count. In addition, counting software used is said to have falsified the results.

Trump responded in his tweet to a post on the conservative TV channel Fox News. One moderator wondered how Biden could have won the election, even though he had actually not campaigned. According to calculations by the US media, Joe Biden has 306 voters, 270 are necessary for a victory. In the USA, the president is not elected directly, but by a committee that follows the election results of the individual states.

A few minutes later, Trump seemed to have noticed that he could have indirectly admitted his election defeat with the tweet. In another tweet he wrote: “ELECTION MANIPULATION. WE WILL WIN!“Another three minutes later, he added that Biden had only won in the eyes of the media.”I didn’t admit anything“tweeted the elected president.” There is still a long way to go. It was a MANIPULATED CHOICE! “Twitter has warned all Trump tweets.

Lawsuits dismissed in rows

The billionaire obviously believes his re-election was stolen from him. In several highly competitive states, he is therefore trying to legally challenge the count results. It was not until Sunday night that he put the legal battle for the election results in the hands of his longtime lawyer and companion Rudy Giuliani.

So far, however, Trump’s lawyers have only had minor successes, for example in Pennsylvania. In the vast majority of cases, however, they had to admit in court that there was no evidence of the allegations made by the elected president. Various lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona failed on Friday alone. Several law firms have since ended their work with the Trump campaign.

Biden’s lead is considered so great that it could withstand successful lawsuits. The date for the change of power is January 20th.

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