Workers confuse active ingredients: Manufacturing errors at Johnson & Johnson


Workers confuse active ingredients
Manufacturing errors at Johnson & Johnson

The production of a batch of Johnson & Johnson’s corona vaccine has broken down. A total of 15 million cans are said to be affected. Workers at the plant had apparently got confused with the ingredients.

A batch of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Covid-19 vaccine is unusable due to a manufacturing defect. The US pharmaceutical company said there was a problem with a drug substance for its vaccine that did not meet the quality standards in the production facility of a partner company.

The company did not disclose how many doses of vaccine were affected by the problem at contract manufacturer Emergent Biosolutions. According to a report in the “New York Times” it is said to be about 15 million doses of the vaccine. Workers at the plant that makes both J&J and Astrazeneca vaccines accidentally mixed up the ingredients in the two vaccines a few weeks ago, the newspaper reported. Federal officials would attribute the error to human error.

The error was reported to the health authority FDA and there are now more employees to monitor production in the US state of Maryland, said J&J. There are still plans to deliver 100 million cans to the US government by the end of May, as previously promised. The J&J vaccination unfolds its full effect after just one injection.

“Quality and safety are still our top priority,” said the company. The production facility of Emergent Biosolutions has not yet been approved by the FDA for the vaccine. However, the company is already preparing production in order to be able to meet delivery targets.

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