The chairman of Twitter has resigned from his position.
The chairman of Twitter has resigned from his position.WORLD NEWS
In this position, Omida Cordestani will be replaced by Patrick Pickett, former CFO of Twitter. The reason for Cordestani’s departure has not been reported.
The “discovery” of the Old World. The new one is still “closed.
The "discovery" of the Old World. The new one is still "closed.WORLD NEWS
The world is coming out of quarantine The world, tired of isolation and restrictions, is gradually coming out of quarantine. And while Europe is optimistic
G7 leaders are thinking about holding the summit in person
G7 leadersWORLD NEWS
Meanwhile, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 5 million. Leaders of the G7 countries are considering the idea of U.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has responded to the EU accusations of disinformation on coronavirus
Russian Foreign MinistryWORLD NEWS
Accusations of the European Union against Russia for disinformation on coronavirus are cynical, said the official representative of the Russian Foreign
Infection is contagious, and information warfare is scheduled
pandemic affectsWORLD NEWS
The COVID-19 pandemic affects not only the world economy, but also international politics. President Trump is seriously considering the possibility of
The Chinese Wuhan authorities have banned breeding and eating wild animals.
The relevant decree has been published on the website of the Wuhan city government. Restrictions apply from the date of publication of the document for five years.
European Parliament proposes to abolish roaming between EU and Eastern Partnership countries
European ParliamentWORLD NEWS
Increased funding for Eastern Partnership countries, recognition that not all countries are equally interested in rapprochement with the EU, as well as
UN warns of global mental health crisis
UN warns of global mentalWORLD NEWS
The Organization calls for the protection of people who are further stressed by the pandemic. The Coronavirus epidemic could lead to a global major mental
The U.S. has not provided evidence of the laboratory origin of the coronavirus
Director Michael RyanWORLD NEWS
U.S. chief epidemiologist Fauci said that available evidence suggests that the virus has passed from animals to humans. The World Health Organization said
Venezuela reports the arrest of eight participants in the disrupted “mercenary attack”.
Venezuela reports the arrest of eight participants in the disrupted "mercenary attack".WORLD NEWS
On Sunday, authorities reported an attempt by mercenaries to enter the country from Colombia. Venezuelan authorities said Monday they detained eight suspects in a “