Trump and Putin discuss oil markets and the fight against coronavirus
against coronavirusWORLD NEWS
Presidents reportedly agreed to continue dialogue US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke on the telephone on Monday, the
Tough quarantine measures introduced in Moscow on March 30
In Moscow with quarantine measuresWORLD NEWS
By order of the mayor of the city, the “home self-isolation regime” is established in the capital of Russia In Moscow, by order of Mayor Sergei Sobyanin
AI will help doctors predict the growth of patients with COVID-19 and allocate resources to them
coronavirusWORLD NEWS
AI will help doctors predict the growth of patients with COVID-19 and allocate resources to them. This was written by the BBC with reference to representatives
G7 leaders promise to coordinate efforts against coronavirus
coronavirus controlWORLD NEWS
A joint statement by leaders outlines measures to combat the spread of the disease and minimize economic risks Leaders of the G7 countries issued a joint
Department of State monitors 60 Americans in Japan amid coronavirus outbreak
Department of StateWORLD NEWS
Meanwhile, 300 Americans were brought home after quarantine on a cruise ship . The U.S. Department of State said Monday that the investigation was that
Guaido returns to Venezuela
Venezuelan interim president takes a three-week tour of North America and Europe . Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido “in the next few hours”
British Prime Minister Signs Brexit Agreement
British Prime MinisterWORLD NEWS
Boris Johnson called the signing of a document on Britain’s exit from the European Union “a fantastic moment” for the country British Prime Minister
Lev Parnas refused one of the lawyers due to inability to pay both
Partner Giuliani accused of campaign finance laws One of the attorneys for business partner Rudi Giuliani, Lev Parnassus, accused of violating campaign
Tesla shares rose on news from China and Germany
car teslaWORLD NEWS
Tesla investors (TSLA) received two positive news, after which the shares of the electric car manufacturer rose on Monday. Over the past six months, Tesla
Norman Summit: Results and Assessments
Russian experts discuss the results of the Paris meeting in the “Norman format” There is a likelihood of a new “gas war” between Moscow and