Would EU citizens elect him as president? – poll

Would EU citizens elect him as president?  – poll

In a few days, Donald Trump wants to be re-elected President of America. His rival Joe Biden is currently ahead in US polls. But what are Trump’s chances with the Europeans?

If Donald Trump had to stand for election among the EU citizens, he would have no chance: in the European Union only 17 percent would vote for him. That is the result of a survey that the Bertelsmann Foundation presented on Wednesday in Gütersloh. Trump’s challenger in Tuesday’s US election, Joe Biden, would come in at 45 percent. 38 percent of EU citizens would not vote for either. In the representative survey in September 2020 in all EU countries, 13,808 people were interviewed.

The results vary depending on the country. While Trump would only get 10 percent of the vote in Germany (Biden 56 percent), the current US President in Poland is ahead. However, both candidates in Germany’s neighboring country have weak approval ratings. Trump would have 38 percent in Poland, Biden 30 percent.

Little confidence in democracy in the US

Europe’s citizens do not have great confidence in American democracy. According to the study, 52 percent of all EU citizens see a system malfunction. In Germany, 61 percent of those surveyed are of this opinion. The respondents in Poland also have a different point of view on this question. 77 percent of Poles say that democracy works well in the US.

“Make America great again” was Trump’s slogan when he was elected four years ago. According to the survey, Europeans have their doubts. 67 percent deny that the USA is “great”. Nevertheless, according to the EU citizens surveyed, America still ranks well ahead of China as an important partner.

“Four years of Trump administration have left their mark on EU citizens. They recognize the importance of the transatlantic relationship, but are sober in their assessment of what holds them together,” says Isabell Hoffmann, co-author of the study. “This also applies to the Poles, who – although they are looking for close ties to the USA from historical experience – support the current President of the USA less than they did at the beginning of his term of office,” says Hoffmann. According to the study, the citizens of Poland support the current President of the USA – but less than at the beginning of his term in office.

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