Xiaomi introduced a revolutionary charging technology

Xiaomi introduced a revolutionary charging technology

Xiaomi has introduced Mi Air Charge wireless charging technology. The manufacturer claims that thanks to Mi Air Charge, multiple devices can be charged at the same time without the need for any wireless charging stands. A special charging tower with 5-phase antennas that determine the position of the smartphone in a split second emits millimeter waves in the direction of the device, which are converted into electricity on the smartphone. The smartphone will use a system of two antenna arrays, one of which acts as a beacon, and the other provides reception of millimeter waves using 14 antennas located in it. According to the manufacturer, Mi Air Charge currently provides up to 5W of power transmission to multiple devices simultaneously. Such a station can later be used to charge various devices with low power consumption, for example, wearable devices, trackers, various smart home sensors or speakers. The company sets itself a further goal of completely eliminating wires when using mobile devices.

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