Xiaomi launches its Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner on the Russian market


The Chinese company Xiaomi announced the appearance on the Russian market of its novelty – an intelligent wireless model of the Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner, which comes with a self-cleaning station and has a wet cleaning function.

Lydsto R1 is also equipped with a motor with a high rotation speed – 50,000 rpm, and thanks to an effective algorithm, it plans a route itself with accurate navigation, optimally builds a cleaning path, and remembers several trajectories. Key features include intelligent control, articulation and planning of a curved cleaning path, collision and fall protection. The robot vacuum cleaner overcomes obstacles up to 2 cm high, and at a distance of 8 cm from stairs and openings, it starts moving in the opposite direction.

Thanks to the high-precision laser distance sensor LDS 2.0, the robot vacuum cleaner can avoid obstacles, correct the direction and scan the space at 8 meters and 360 degrees. In addition, the Lydsto R1 robot vacuum cleaner is capable of memorizing several maps at the same time: different rooms can be saved in the application without the need for re-mapping. This is convenient for houses with several floors, since the robot does not remove the map of the first floor when cleaning the second.

The robot with an automatic dust emptying function and a self-cleaning station eliminates the need to empty the dust container every time. The self-cleaning station, equipped with a high-speed fan and a short 430mm air duct, removes dust, dirt and debris from the robot vacuum cleaner’s dust collector and transports them into a large 3L dust bag that lasts for a month. In this case, the bag full indicator informs about the need for replacement. When dust collection is complete, the bag closes automatically.

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