“You don’t need to be 20 to wear a swimsuit.”

“You don’t need to be 20 to wear a swimsuit.”

The 52-year-old actress shared her views on the norms of society.

Lucy Liu, 52, was recently interviewed by Women’s Health magazine about her views on social norms. Like many of her colleagues now, Lucy believes that your body should be loved and accepted at any age. “You don’t have to be 20 to wear swimwear. You need to carry yourself with dignity and confidence, despite the shortcomings and life experiences that your body has gone through, ”said the actress.

Lucy also admitted that she does not agree with many social norms, in particular, with the idea that a woman must marry at a certain age. “I do what I want based on how I feel. I will not follow the usual “It’s time for you to get married.” No, it’s not time! And I’m not just rebelling against it. When the time is right, everything will happen. But I don’t want to get married just to get married. Marriage is not on my must-have list. And I don’t have such a list, ”Liu said.

The actress also raised the topic of social inequality, noting that, being an Asian American, she faced ridicule: “At some point I learned that because of my last name they call me a geisha and a dragon lady. I thought: ‘What does this mean?’ At first I did not understand why they say that. ‘

Before last year’s US presidential election, Lucy actively urged her audience not to ignore the vote. “Why not, if I have the opportunity to speak out, influence people and urge them to go to the polls? Asian Americans have historically not had the same voice as white Americans. We still think our voice is unimportant. But he’s important, ”said the actress.

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