Zac Efron stepped on a rake during filming: “It looks painful”


Fans appreciated Zach’s performance, but noticed that there wasn’t actually a hit.

The other day, Zac Efron amused subscribers on Instagram with a new video in which he gets a rake in the face with a handle. In a short video, the actor walks through the garden and steps on a rake, after which he grabs his face and bends over in pain. “Who left the rake here?” – signed the publication Zach.

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Obviously, the actor stepped on a rake on purpose. Many of Zack’s fans noticed that the rake didn’t actually hit him in the face, and doubted that he was in pain. Under the actor’s post, there are comments: “Ouch!”, “But they didn’t hit him in the face!”, “Yes, you are an actor, Zach”, “And the Oscar gets …”, The rake flew in the hand – why are you grabbing for the eye? “,” It looks painful “,” Over the years of your acting career, this is the best we’ve seen “,” Wonderful acting! “,” Very believable, but the rake didn’t even touch your face. “

Last week it became known that in May, Efron will begin filming the film based on the novel by Stephen King “Eyes Ignite”. To do this, the actor will have to leave for Canada, where, according to an insider, he also plans to take his fiancée Vanessa Valadares. The couple will spend several months in Canada and then return to Australia.

Recently on his show Down to Earth, Zach admitted that he has long wanted to leave Hollywood and move to a place “where he can enjoy life.”

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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