Zayn Malik surprised archival photo with his daughter

Zayn Malik surprised archival photo with his daughter

The former member of the One Direction group admitted that raising a child is easy for him, despite the doubts of friends and family.

26-year-old American top model Gigi Hadid and 28-year-old musician Zane Malik became parents for the first time last year, they had a wonderful daughter, High, and now the couple is celebrating Father’s Day together.

“Our baby is lucky to have such a dad who does everything possible to see a smile on her face,” Gigi wrote on her Instagram, congratulating Zane on the holiday.

By the way, their child is not even a year old yet. And by the standards of European society, Hadid and Malik are quite young parents. However, the celebrity couple is proud of this title, even though they are not officially married.

“As a father, I feel amazing. Friends told us that a child is a huge responsibility that will change our lives, but we easily cope with everything.

Huy is a wonderful child. She is not capricious, sleeps at night, is not picky about food. Perhaps the worst thing for me is changing her diapers, but you can live with that, ”Zane told E!

Photo source: Legion-Media

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