Zendaya talks about dating Holland amid rumors of romance

Zendaya talks about dating Holland amid rumors of romance

Earlier, the lovers were caught kissing in the car.

Zendaya started talking about a relationship with Tom Holland amid rumors about their romance. A few days ago, pictures appeared in the press in which Holland kisses with Zendea in the car. At the same time, the couple was suspected of PR, because very soon a new part of “Spider-Man” appears on the screens.

The other day, Zendaya opened up with the journalists and hastened to thank Holland for their touching relationship.

“For me, meeting him was a special event. Plus, we grew up together. These shots were really fantastic because we were absorbed in the moments and were grateful for the experience. I am very lucky ”, – quotes the words of Zendei EOnline.

Zendaya also noted that she enjoyed being part of the Spider-Man movie franchise, but dreams of growing further.

Photo source: Legion-media

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