Zendaya’s spinning novel about the sequel to “Euphoria”: “It’s a tough season.”

Zendaya’s spinning novel about the sequel to “Euphoria”: “It’s a tough season.”

The actress spoke about the upcoming season of Euphoria.

Amid rumors of a romantic relationship with Tom Holland, Zendaya is actively giving interviews. This time, the actress spoke with representatives of Etonline.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see Spider-Man when he comes out,” Zendaya said of the upcoming movie comic, where she and Tom play lovers.

Zendaya‘s spinning novel about the sequel to

Until recently, the actors stubbornly denied that they were dating. And in a fresh interview, the 24-year-old euphoria star chose not to dwell on her personal life, confining herself to a short admission that she and Holland are “very close”. But after the photo with the kiss of the couple in the car flew around the Internet, comments became unnecessary.

Zendaya‘s spinning novel about the sequel to

But Zendaya was happy to share what fans of “Euphoria” can expect from the second season of the series. According to the actress, her heroine Ryu, who is struggling with drug addiction, will have to go through difficult times.

“I can say that this is a tough season. Ryu means so much to me and I think she means a lot to a lot of people. It’s cruel, but such a character, it seems to me, really deserves all these moments, “- said the actress.

She added that she was helping her switch from the dark tones of “Euphoria” to work on the voice of the rabbit Lola in “Space Jam”.

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