“Zero Evidence. Zero.”: Georgia’s election supervisor belies Trump


“Zero evidence. Zero.”
Georgia’s election officer gives Trump the lie

Donald Trump continues to say stiffly that there was massive fraud in the presidential election. His party friends also disagree. The Georgia electoral officer gets breathless as he goes through the long list of allegations.

Shortly before the decisive runoff election for two US Senate seats in Georgia, officials in the state have again rejected claims by Donald Trump about alleged election fraud. The outgoing president’s allegations are “proven to be false,” said Gabriel Sterling, one of Georgia’s electoral officials. “We have one claim after another with zero evidence. Zero.”

Sterling, himself a Republican, urged voters to cast their votes in Tuesday’s runoff elections – even if Trump undermined belief in the system with his baseless allegations. The runoff elections will decide whether Trump’s Republicans or future President Joe Biden’s Democrats will have a majority in the Senate. A majority would give Biden more freedom to shape his policy – the Senate confirms the members of the government, among other things.

Sterling denied several allegations made by the Trump camp in a row in a press conference. For example, no votes for the president were attributed to Biden in the November 3rd election, ballot papers were not destroyed afterwards, and there were no citizens who voted despite the missed registration deadline. No errors were found when comparing signatures on postal voting documents. “It’s a long list,” complained the now-breathless Sterling.

The recording of a telephone conversation between the President and Sterling boss Brad Raffensperger was released on Sunday, in which Trump quite blatantly called for 11,780 votes to be found for him to win the state. Democrats then initiated an investigation into Trump on suspicion of attempted election fraud. Raffensperger said in a TV interview that he had the recording published after Trump misrepresented the content of the conversation on Twitter.

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