“Zeta” meets the US south coast: Alphabet is too short for hurricane season

“Zeta” meets the US south coast: Alphabet is too short for hurricane season

According to experts, the intensity of tropical cyclones is increasing due to climate change. Hurricane “Zeta” is the eleventh hurricane to hit the US coast in 2020 – a new record. When naming the storms, the meteorologists have to go unusual ways.

A hurricane hit land in the USA for the eleventh time this year, setting a record: Accompanied by heavy rainfall and with wind speeds of up to 175 kilometers per hour, “Zeta” hit the US Gulf Coast as a level 2 hurricane in the state of Louisiana near the metropolis of New Orleans, as the US hurricane center NHC announced.

Videos showed heavy rain in the southern US region. Meteorologists also warned of tornadoes. Along the Gulf coast between southeast Louisiana and west Florida, warnings were issued against dangerous storm surges. Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards had warned the population on Twitter: “You should complete your preparations.” In the past few days, hurricane “Zeta” had overturned trees and electricity pylons in parts of the Yucatán Peninsula in southeastern Mexico, causing floods and power outages.

“Zeta” is already the 28th named storm of this year’s Atlantic storm season, which runs from June to November. Because of the large number of storms in the current season, the meteorologists had to use a rarely used solution for the name. The 21 names that were intended for this in alphabetical order have already been used up. The meteorologists therefore resorted to the Greek alphabet, which was last necessary in 2005. According to experts, the increasing intensity of tropical cyclones, which need warm water to form, is a consequence of climate change.

Cyclones hit Louisiana particularly frequently this hurricane season. It was only in mid-October that storm “Delta” hit the land on land in the state and caused power outages in large parts.

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